HR Services

Bernice Glenny & Associates was established in 2010, and as a founding member, Bernice has committed to continuous improvement and professional development. As an emerging Industrial Psychologist with substantial expertise in recruitment and HR, offering remote or on-site services throughout South Africa, Bernice is a versatile professional. Additionally, she serves as an education partner for CMASA (Club Management Association of South Africa). Our offering includes on site and remote HR Solutions and Recruitment.

Our Value Proposition:

Holistic HR Solutions: The business offers a comprehensive range of HR services, including recruitment, HR policies and procedures, career planning, training and development, job analysis, and HR management. The holistic nature of these solutions provides a comprehensive service for clients’ human resource needs.

SOP development: Design and development of standard operating procedures per position or job role.

Expertise in Industrial Psychology: With the founder being an emerging Industrial Psychologist, the business has expertise in understanding human behaviour and applying psychological principles to optimise workforce performance.

Remote HR Services / Virtual HR support: The business offers remote HR services on a retainer basis, indicating flexibility and adaptability to the evolving trends of remote work.

Wellness Initiatives: The inclusion of wellness initiatives in HR services demonstrates the organisations commitment to employee wellbeing, contributing to a positive work environment. The focus in this offering is on employee health and wellness.

Education Partnership: The educational component to the business’s offerings for clients who value ongoing learning and development.


Pricing Structure:

Remote consultation hourly rate: R495.00

On-site consultation hourly rate: R695.00 (exclusive of travel and accommodation costs)

Monthly Retainer Packages

  • Flexible monthly retainer options for ongoing HR support.
  • Tailored packages designed to suit your organisation’s unique requirements.

Bulk Hour Discounts

  • Discounted rates for bulk hours

Additional Costs

  • Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included in the on-site hourly rate